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Vanity Fair held a conference for women entrepreneurs. The speakers included actress Reese Witherspoon, fashion designer Tory Burch, the co-chairs of the Women's March on Washington , and Sasheer Zamata of "Saturday Night Live." Though the sessions focused on industry topics, every so often speakers dipped into gender talk. Witherspoon discussed her experience starting a production company to tell women's stories and feeling like she wasn't immediately taken seriously. "You have to prove yourself twice as hard; it takes twice as long," she said. VC firm Aspect Ventures co-founder and managing partner Teresa Gouw talked about not only general funding advice but also how she's noticed that women founders tend to undersell the potential of their companies. The lineup and concept was enough to draw some 250 people. Lublin said she'd consider the event a success if attendees walked away with a new investment, a new idea or a new relationship. Getting inspired Lublin isn't down on women's conferences for the sake of it. She's attended quite a few, but ultimately, she said, they run the risk of preaching to the choir. "It's the same people saying the same thing every time, to the same audience, and everybody just nodding their head and agreeing," Lublin said, "which is to me not really an opportunity to learn or to change anything." She'd prefer to see a more diverse audience, including people who don't automatically buy that there's a diversity problem.

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Just take both, Emily decided. In fact, you know what, Im going to give you twenty too. You may need it. All right, Philippa said gravely. Thank you. The women, looking pained by their own generosity, turned away with jerky, defensive movements. It was Philippa who stood, tall and unslouching in the magnificent hat. She reminded Gwen of a medieval bishop receiving patronage. She glanced happily at the bills as a child looks at money for candy-frankly counting-and crushed them into her pocket. *** At twelve sharp, the green door swung inward. Hello, hello! Mrs. Davidson cried spiritedly, as if something unexpectedly pleasant had befallen her in the fact of these women waiting to collect their children. Beside her, Ms.

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