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Some Emerging Guidelines On Handy Programs For Footwear

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Fashion brands have been selling real fur - and pretending it's fake These faux fur Missguided shoes actually contain fur from cats. [Photo: Missguided] More An investigation has been launched after traces of real fur from cats, dogs and rabbits were found in several supposedly faux fur products on the high-street. Sky News discovered thatoneretailer, Missguided, includedtraces of cat hairin their popular pom pom sandals which were marketed as made from faux fur. Not only is this horrifying, its illegal. As of 2009, the sale of cat and dog furhas been banned from Britain and the EU. Theres no denying that there has been a surge in faux products in recent years, after becoming a key trend both on and off the catwalks. So, its slightly disturbing that our new fluffy shoes/bag/coat may not be as ethical as they seem. However, Missguided werent the only ones tobe selling misleading products. House of Frasers fur free gloves held traces of rabbit. Meanwhile, fake products from Amazon,Parmars andLily Lulu were found to be made with rabbit, racoon dog,mink and fox hair. Although fur from these species is legal in the EU, its stillnot right.

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