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"It's a welcome break, and the view isn't too bad เบอร์มงคล ราคาถูก dtac either," he says as he looks across the sea towards the Sunnmoere Alps' snow-covered peaks. "A bridge across the fjord would obviously make the crossing faster, but Storfjorden is two or three kilometres wide and 700 metres deep, which makes it very expensive to build one," says Mr Bonesmo, IT and operations manager for a consumer goods company. Many Norwegian fjords present similar difficulties to bridge builders, so instead the country's coastal population relies on ferries that link their often remote communities. Each year, some 20 million cars, vans and trucks cross the country's many fjords on roughly 130 ferry routes. Most of Norway's ferries run on diesel, spewing out noxious fumes and CO2. But this is about to change. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Building bridges across Norway's mountain-flanked fjords would be difficult and costly Following two years of trials of the world's first electric car ferry, named Ampere, ferry operators are busy making the transition from diesel to comply with new government requirements for all new ferry licensees to deliver zero- or low-emission alternatives. "We continue the work with low-emission ferries because we believe it will benefit the climate, Norwegian industry and Norwegian jobs," Prime Minister Erna Solberg said in a speech in April 2016, in which she vowed to help fund required quayside infrastructure. Ferry company Fjord1, which operates the MF Norangsfjord, has ordered three fully electric ferries that are scheduled to enter active service on some of its routes in January 2018.

Computer generated image of Thames road tunnel Image copyright Transport for London Image caption The chosen route faced huge opposition by people in Gravesham A public consultation about the crossing started in January last year, with Highways England recommending option "C" as the favoured route. However, opponents raised objections to the fact it would cut through greenbelt land, and its proximity to homes and schools. Chair of Shorne Parish Council Robin Theobald told the BBC earlier that it was "not a day for celebrations". Anti-option C campaign group, A Bridge Too Far, argued it would have a "detrimental affect" on the local area and Bob Lane, from the Lower Thames Crossing Association said: "Highways England have hoodwinked the government with their biased consultation. There wasn't a single mention of Option A." Options available There were originally three main ideas for a new crossing location: A - another crossing at the current Dartford Tunnel site and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. B - a route across the Swanscombe Peninsula, which was earlier scrapped. C - connecting the M25 to the A2 with multiple variants. Bryan Sweetland, representing Gravesham on Kent County Council added it would take 10 years to build, by which time the old tunnels at Dartford would also need replacing. Gravesham MP Mr Holloway, who also objected to the route, said: "It's a crazy idea.