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From there, they are ferried to Winnipeg, Manitoba's capital, to file asylum claims. Despite some residents fears, asylum-seekers have not caused any trouble, said Bill Spanjer, Emerson's emergency coordinator. "They're going to be on their best behavior because otherwise their refugee claim is certainly going to be affected," he said. When police receive a call, they summon the town's volunteer firefighters to treat any health concerns, as the nearest ambulance is 25 minutes away. In December, two men from Ghana lost all of their fingers to frostbite. Firefighter callouts cost Emerson about C$500 each time. The costs may add up to C$30,000 since last spring, representing 10 percent of its firefighting budget, said Emerson-Franklin's elected leader Greg Janzen. The provincial government directed more resources to Emerson last week, including paramedics and paralegal and transportation services. Since the influx sped up in January, the strain on Emerson has grown.

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