Mercury Now In Fellow Earth Sign Taurus Will Help You Take Those Mind Matters Into Your Own Hands So You Can Make The Most Of Its Positive Impact!

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It manifests as the greatest feeling of relief, not only due to feeling free of being hemmed in, you can reach the speed you need to be well on your way. You get to feel this speed again this week as your ruler Saturn in Sagittarius forms strong triangle of support with electric Uranus in Aries and the North Node in Leo, the symbol for your destiny. More than in any other way Cappy, this will be occurring emotionally. In an area where you have felt pinned down or inwardly trapped, you are going to feel a release, perhaps due to a shift in your orientation or in letting go of your need to control how it all goes. Mercury now in fellow earth sign Taurus will help you take those mind matters into your own hands so you can make the most of its positive impact! When you are in the zone, there is not a Soul who doesn’t know it and feel it when its happening. It’s a feeling you wish would never leave you as everything starts clicking and falling into place. This would not be called life if this were to happen all the time, for we learn from the fall outs and we grow from hitting rock bottom. However, you get to find that zone in the next week in some strong way as your ruler Uranus is combining effortlessly with secure Saturn and the North Node, the symbol that leads you into your future. You have a gift of communication that may surprise you for you will seem to find just the right words to get what you want or to help shift the tides in a more positive direction. Your communications are highly influential เบอร์มงคล หมอสมเจต ผลรวม56 now, as well as your ideas, so be sure to follow through on what appears to be downloaded from some other realm.

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